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If the body of fine craftsmanship lives in a lifelong quest for perfection, its heart and soul live in Italy.

In Vigevano to be exact - Italy’s shoe capital where expert craftsmanship and unrivaled expertise are at the heart of the town and this is where Faber Novella shoes are handmade.

At Faber Novella, we seek to preserve the art of Italian shoe making, protect the country’s unrivaled savoir-faire, and in doing so, treat our customers to the true finesse of Italian craftsmanship.
In times when renowned brands are moving production further East, we are planting our roots in Italy by working with local businesses, suppliers and designers in the most transparent manner.

Each Faber Novella shoe is individually hand-crafted in a small, family-run atelier in Vigevano that has been producing premium quality shoes for the past 30 years, using only the finest Italian leather.

We work with highly skilled technicians and designers to find the perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics, creating effortless silhouettes with exemplary construction that support you in every step of your journey; from day to night, for work and play. All our shoes are designed with comfort in mind, using intelligent engineering and soft cushioning insoles for a light, ‘walking on air’ sensation.
There are over a hundred steps in handcrafting the perfect shoe, from the initial sketch, pattern making, leather cutting and stitching to lasting and attaching of heel and sole. It is a labor of love and requires immeasurable patience; preserving this heritage craft is the sole way to achieve excellence.

Italian Sizes 35-42, including half sizes

Innovative design for comfort from day to night.

Quality beyond the logo, 100% hand-made in Italy